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Is your automatic gate causing you headaches? Don’t let a malfunctioning gate compromise your security and convenience. Evergreen Electric Gates is here to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Imagine a gate that opens and closes smoothly every time, without fail. Our expert technicians, with over ten years of experience, are dedicated to ensuring your gate is in the best hands. We handle everything from motor failures to sensor issues, providing comprehensive repair services for all gate types.

Don’t just take our word for it – our satisfied customers rave about our quick, reliable service and knowledgeable technicians. With numerous 5-star reviews and video testimonials, you can trust us to get your gate back in perfect working order.

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Gate Repairs for All Models

Our team is experienced in handling common gate issues, including motor failures, misaligned tracks, and faulty sensors. Whether you have a swing gate, slide gate, or barrier gate, we have the expertise to get it back in working order.

Specialized Component Repairs: Motors, Sensors, and More

We repair and replace gate motors and operators, ensuring your gate opens and closes smoothly. Our technicians can handle a variety of brands and models, ensuring quick and efficient repairs.

We fix or replace faulty sensors, guaranteeing your gate operates safely and efficiently. This includes photo-eye sensors, loop detectors, and other safety devices.

We service intercom systems and access control devices, providing seamless entry to your property. Our expertise includes keypad repairs, remote control replacements, and troubleshooting access issues.

We repair or replace remote controls and keypads, giving you easy and secure access to your gate. Our services cover reprogramming and replacement of lost or broken remotes.

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Gate Opener Repair from Our Professional Team

Gate opener malfunctions can occur due to various factors such as weather conditions, wear and tear, or accidental damage. When your gate openers fail to function properly, your electric gates may not operate as expected, or worse, they may not function at all. This can lead to frustration and jeopardize the security of your property.

It is highly advised against attempting to repair the device on your own! DIY repairs may exacerbate the existing damage or pose a risk of personal injury.

Our team of expert gate technicians possesses extensive experience in identifying issues and effectively repairing gate operators. Allow us to handle all the necessary maintenance and repairs, and save yourself the hassle and potential dangers.

Signs That Indicate Your Automatic Gate Operator Requires Service

Below are some common signs that indicate your electric gate opener may be in need of repair:

  • Slower Opening or Closing: The automatic gate opens and/or closes at a slower pace than usual.
  • Delayed Movements: The automatic gate exhibits delays in its movements.
  • Failure to Open or Close: The automatic gate does not open or close at all.
  • Incorrect Positioning: The automatic gate fails to reach the desired open or stop position.
  • Wrong Direction: The automatic gate opens in the wrong direction or the opposite way.
  • Unintended Operation: The automatic gate opens or closes unexpectedly.
  • Dependency on Proximity: The automatic gate only functions when someone is standing in front of it.
  • Jamming Locks: The locks of the automatic gate are frequently jammed.
  • Audible Alerts: The automatic gate produces beeping noises.

Common Causes of Gate Operator Malfunctions

These are some of the common causes behind gate operator malfunctions:

  • Damaged or Broken Chain: The chain responsible for the gate’s movement is damaged or broken.
  • Damaged Circuit Board: The operator’s circuit board is damaged.
  • Power Supply Issues: Problems related to the power supply.
  • Faulty Limit Switches: Issues with the limit switches.
  • Corrosion: Battery and metal components corroded due to cold weather.
  • Intrusion of Foreign Objects: Animals, debris, or excessive moisture entering the gate opener unit.
  • Malfunctioning Sensors: Faulty sensors affecting the gate’s operation.

If you notice one or more of the aforementioned signs, it is crucial to contact us as soon as possible to have your automatic gate system serviced. Delaying the necessary repairs can result in further deterioration of the system’s functionality, potentially leading to expensive repairs or even complete replacement of the gate opener.

Maintenance Services for Electric Gate Openers

Ensuring the smooth operation of your automatic gate system and preventing future issues is as simple as scheduling regular maintenance for your gate opener. This proactive approach not only saves you money but also prevents major mechanical breakdowns.

If your electric driveway gates are used frequently, we highly recommend the convenience of scheduling maintenance services for your gate operators, access controls, and safety devices multiple times a year. This proactive approach helps you save money and prevents major mechanical breakdowns.

During a maintenance visit, our highly skilled technicians, equipped with a comprehensive checklist, will meticulously inspect and adjust all gate system components. By doing so, we can identify potential issues and ensure that your gate system functions optimally.

Don’t compromise the security and convenience provided by your automatic gate system. Contact our professional team today to schedule gate opener maintenance and repairs.


Common signs include the gate not opening or closing properly, slower movements, unusual noises, incorrect positioning, or the gate operating only when someone is in close proximity.

A slow-moving gate can be due to wear and tear on the mechanical components, a damaged or broken chain, power supply issues, or problems with the motor.

First, check the power supply and ensure there are no obstructions. If the problem persists, it’s best to contact a professional technician to diagnose and repair the issue.

DIY repairs are not recommended as they can exacerbate the damage and pose safety risks. It’s best to hire a professional technician to ensure proper and safe repairs.

Regular maintenance should be scheduled at least once or twice a year, especially if the gate is used frequently. Regular check-ups can prevent major breakdowns and extend the life of your gate system.

Regular maintenance should be scheduled at least once or twice a year, especially if the gate is used frequently. Regular check-ups can prevent major breakdowns and extend the life of your gate system.

Unusual noises can indicate mechanical issues such as a damaged chain, worn-out motor, or obstructions in the gate’s path. It’s essential to have these noises checked to prevent further damage.

This could be due to sensor alignment issues or sensor malfunctions. Professional calibration or replacement of sensors may be necessary.

Regular maintenance and timely repairs of mechanical components, ensuring the track is clear of debris, and proper lubrication can prevent the gate from getting stuck.

Delaying repairs can lead to more significant damage, higher repair costs, and potential safety hazards. It may also compromise the security of your property.

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