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Arched dual swing gate for lakefront property in Seattle, WA

Project Overview:

Our recent project on a picturesque lakefront property in Seattle involved the installation of a grand, arched dual swing gate crafted from wrought iron and automated with LiftMaster LA500 motors. This elegant gateway enhances both the security and the aesthetic appeal of the home.

Client Objectives:

The homeowner sought a striking entrance that would complement the scenic backdrop of their lakefront property while providing robust security. They chose an arched design to echo the elegant curves found in their home’s architecture.

Technical Implementation:

The gates were meticulously designed to reflect the sophisticated taste of the homeowner and the natural beauty of the lakefront setting. Wrought iron was selected for its durability and classic appeal. Each gate is powered by a LiftMaster LA500 motor, chosen for its reliability and capability to handle large-sized gates.

Outcome and Feedback:

The completion of the project significantly elevated the property’s entrance, seamlessly blending security with style. The homeowner was thrilled with the functional elegance of the arched gates, which not only secure the property but also serve as a focal point, enhancing the overall charm of their home. The LiftMaster LA500 motors ensure smooth and efficient operation, adding convenience to beauty.

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