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Beautiful dual swing gate with ornamental Ameristar fence in Auburn, WA

Beautiful dual swing gate with ornamental Ameristar fence in Auburn, WA (2) - installed

Project Overview:

This project features a beautifully designed gate coupled with 450 feet of ornamental Ameristar fencing, complete with automatic LiftMaster openers. The integration of a keypad for entry and an exit loop sensor ensures both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.

Client Requirements:

The client desired a visually striking yet highly functional entrance solution that would secure their property and enhance its curb appeal. They chose ornamental fencing for its elegance and durability, matched with advanced access technology.

Technical Implementation:

Our team installed a high-quality gate and extensive fencing, equipped with LiftMaster automatic openers for smooth operation. The system includes a keypad for secure entry and an exit loop sensor that detects vehicles, providing effortless access and exit.

Outcome and Feedback:

The completion of this project met all client expectations, delivering not only a secure and efficient entry system but also significantly enhancing the property’s visual appeal. The client was particularly pleased with the seamless functionality and the sophisticated look of the ornamental fencing.

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