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Complete property fencing and sliding gate in Seatac, WA

Complete property fencing and sliding gate in Seatac, WA (10)

Project Overview:

this project features a full property upgrade for Brenda, one of our cherished clients from Seatac. Addressing her safety concerns, we installed 200 feet of 6′ tall Ameristar speartop fencing along with secure sliding gates at the front and a privacy-enhancing sheet metal fence at the back.

Client Background:

Brenda, feeling increasingly unsafe in her neighborhood after several incidents, decided it was time for a change. Our technician, Din, not only met with her to discuss her needs but also assisted in securing financing through our team, making the project feasible.

Technical Implementation:

The project involved erecting durable and visually appealing Ameristar speartop fencing, complemented by robust sliding gates for easy access. In the backyard, we opted for a sheet metal fence with metal posts to maximize privacy and security.

Outcome and Feedback:

The transformation was significant, greatly enhancing the security and privacy of Brenda’s property. She expressed immense satisfaction with both the aesthetic appeal and the functional benefits of the new fencing, feeling much safer in her home. The project was executed flawlessly by Din, with every detail tailored to meet Brenda’s specific security needs.

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