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Custom bronze powder coated sliding gates in Seattle, WA

Custom bronze powder coated sliding gates in Seattle, WA (1)

Project Overview:

This project showcases two custom-made, bronze powder-coated sliding gates, complete with in-ground loop sensors. These gates were installed alongside a newly stamped driveway, enhancing both the property’s aesthetics and functionality.

Project Highlights:

Our technician, Din, designed these exquisite gates to offer a seamless blend of elegance and modern technology. The rich bronze finish not only adds a touch of luxury but also provides durability and weather resistence.

Technical Details:

The gates are equipped with in-ground loop sensors, which detect vehicles to automatically open and close, offering convenience and improved security. The installation of a new stamped concrete driveway complements the gates, creating a cohesive and attractive entrance.

Outcome and Feedback:

The project was a resounding success, with the client praising the aesthetic enhancements and the functional upgrades. The bronze gates not only elevate the property’s curb appeal but also provide the practical benefits of advanced entry technology.

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