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Custom made alleyway sliding gate in Seattle, WA

Custom made alleyway sliding gate in Seattle, WA (2)

Project Overview:

In another standout project, our expert technician, Din, made a 14-foot sliding driveway gate for a Seattle residence, situated in a practical yet stylish back alleyway setting. The design was crafted to enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal, providing seamless access and a modern look.

Client Needs:

The homeowners were looking for a robust security solution that would integrate smoothly with the existing back alley setup. They required a gate that was not only functional but also stylistically in tune with their urban environment.

Technical Implementation:

Din utilized a high-quality aluminum frame for the gate, incorporating the dependable LiftMaster RSL12UL for its automation. This system ensures durable, efficient operation with the convenience of advanced access technology.

Outcome and Feedback:

The installation was a complete success, receiving high praise from the homeowners for its ease of use and the enhanced security it provides. The new gate fits perfectly into the urban backdrop, making it a valuable addition to their property.

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