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Dorothy’s privacy chainlink and ornamental steel gate in Tacoma, WA

Project Overview:

Dorothy’s desire to replace her old wooden fence without compromising privacy or enduring high maintenance led to the innovative solution of a privacy-enhanced chainlink fence paired with an ornamental steel gate. This combination delivers durability and aesthetic appeal, ideal for those looking to upgrade their fencing solutions.

Client Needs:

Dorothy was tired of the upkeep required by her wooden fence and was concerned about losing privacy with a traditional chainlink replacement. She needed a solution that was both low-maintenance and privacy-ensuring.

Technical Implementation:

We replaced Dorothy’s old wooden fence with a privacy chainlink fence that integrates tightly woven slats to block visibility, maintaining the secluded feel of her garden. The addition of an ornamental steel gate adds a touch of elegance while ensuring longevity and ease of use.

Outcome and Feedback:

The project was a great success, with Dorothy expressing satisfaction with both the practicality and the look of her new fence. She appreciates the reduced maintenance and enhanced privacy, and the ornamental gate has been a stylish bonus that uplifts the entrance to her home.

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