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FedEx shipping center gate installation in Everett, WA

Project Overview:

Completed in 2023, our project at the FedEx Shipping Center in Everett showcases our expertise in handling even the largest commercial gates with ease. Our team’s proficiency ensured a seamless installation process, demonstrating that no project is too big when you’re working with the right company.

Client Needs:

FedEx required a robust and reliable gate solution to manage the high traffic and security demands of their shipping center. The goal was to enhance operational efficiency and security without disrupting the busy flow of the facility.

Technical Implementation:

We designed and installed a large, durable commercial gate equipped with advanced automation features to meet the intensive use expected at a major shipping hub. The gate system was customized to integrate smoothly with FedEx’s existing logistics and security protocols.

Outcome and Feedback:

The project was executed flawlessly, meeting all of FedEx’s operational and security specifications. The new gate system has significantly improved entry and exit efficiency, reinforcing the facility’s overall productivity and safety. FedEx management praised the upgrade, noting the professionalism and expertise of our team throughout the process.

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