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Goodwill church security enhancement in Seattle WA

Project Overview:

In response to safety concerns, our team was tasked with enhancing the security of Goodwill Church, located in the bustling heart of Seattle. The project, completed recently, involved installing a robust sliding gate paired with matching wrought iron fencing and an additional pedestrian gate featuring chain mesh for heightened security.

Client Needs:

Goodwill Church sought to fortify its perimeter to safeguard its community and prevent unauthorized access to its premises. The church required a solution that not only enhanced security but also blended aesthetically with its existing architecture.

Technical Implementation:

We designed and installed a sturdy wrought iron sliding gate, complemented by matching fencing that extends around the property. A pedestrian gate with integrated chain mesh was added for extra security measures. Each component was crafted to ensure durability and resilience, providing peace of mind to the church administration and its congregation.

Outcome and Feedback:

The project successfully met the church’s need for increased security, significantly reducing concerns about unwanted access. The church leaders expressed deep appreciation for the discreet yet effective security measures, noting the seamless integration with the architectural style of their sacred space. The upgraded security system has been well-received by the community, providing a safer environment for worship and church activities.

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