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Hinge replacement for dual swing gate in Bellevue, WA

Project Overview:

Under the direct supervision of our owner, Logen, we successfully restored a sagging gate that was previously deemed beyond repair. By replacing old hinges with new LiftMaster power hinges equipped with zirk fittings, we brought the gate back to full functionality in less than a week.

Client Challenge:

Faced with advice that his gates needed complete replacement, our client sought a second opinion. He was referred to Logen, known for innovative repair solutions that save time and cost.

Technical Implementation:

Our approach was straightforward but effective. We replaced the failing hinges with robust LiftMaster power hinges that feature zirk fittings for better durability and smooth operation. This not only fixed the sagging issue but also significantly enhanced the gate’s longevity and functionality.

Outcome and Feedback:

The quick and effective repair exceeded the client’s expectations. The gate was back online and working smoothly again, sparing the client the expense and hassle of a full gate replacement. The client was thrilled with the turnaround and the high-quality outcome.

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