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Smart access control upgrade for HOA in Maple Valley, WA

Project Overview:

In 2022, we completed an advanced access control upgrade for an HOA community in Maple Valley, integrating the sophisticated CellGate Watchman system. This modern solution allows residents to manage gate access directly from their mobile phones, enhancing convenience and security.

Client Needs:

The HOA was seeking to modernize their gate access system to provide residents with easier, more flexible control while improving the overall security infrastructure. They needed a system that could log all access activity, ensuring better management and oversight.

Technical Implementation:

We installed the CellGate Watchman system, renowned for its reliability and cutting-edge features. This system includes a mobile app that residents can use to operate the gate remotely and view real-time access logs. The upgrade involved configuring the intercom and access mechanisms to ensure seamless integration and user-friendly operation.

Outcome and Feedback:

The project was a tremendous success, with residents quickly adopting the new system. The ability to control access via their smartphones was particularly well-received, as was the feature that logs all gate activity. The HOA board praised the upgrade for its significant improvement in access control and security measures, marking a substantial enhancement to their community management capabilities.

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